Bonus Drills

Other Useful Drills

Throwing Pebbles (if the Blackboard Drill isn’t enough) 
Believe it or not, Micheal Jordan did this before every game. I also do it before I speak or have a business meeting – or even before a big date! Ha! It is really useful.

Dome (If you have a hard time focusing) 
Jordan, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady – lots of great athletes feel as if the only privacy they have is when they are performing in public. They LOVE being in the bubble, or as I call it, “inside the dome.” In the dome, nothing can get to you, nothing can touch you. It’s your own isolation unit.

Energy (If you feel like you lack physical and mental energy just before the game starts) 
Every field or court or pitch has enormous energy in it – you just have to tap into it!

The Power of the Shadow/Alter-Ego/Spirit Animal

Want to Go Beyond No Nervous and Get More Mental Training?

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